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I specialize in user-centric websites, focusing on simplicity and ease-of-use without neglecting visual appeal, yet delivering clearly organized information.


Let me help you design your business materials to be clear and concise.


A memorable mark is essential for branding your business, to obtain a better recall rate within your audience.

Recent Work

Here you can see some of my student web design work...
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IStaff USA

IStaff USA

IStaff Business Services is a full service staffing company. It was created in order to educate visitors of the company, values and services. It was created using Wordpress, SEO, and CS6.

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Companion Vet Hospital

Companion Vet Hospital

Companion Veterinary Hospital is a fictional company for a pet hospital. It's purpose is to inform visitors of the company, mission and services.

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D’lush Beverages

D’lush Beverages

D’lush Beverages is a redesign of a current company website. It's purpose is simplify the content, inform the customers of the menu and general store information.

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Personal Work:

  • Wish you were here.
  • Falling
  • Budding
  • 1-up
  • Bright Bloom
  • Gone Fishing
  • Lonely Snail
  • Sunset Cliffs, San Diego
  • The walk is long.
  • Looking Up
  • Rocks Rock
  • So Fly
  • Looking Down
  • Before the Storm
  • Will You Fly?
  • Pacific Beach Pier
  • Gone Fishing
  • Stray Bird


I am an amateur photographer. I am more fond of natural photos. You will see pictures from parties, trips, outside my house, coffee shops, the beach, etc. Any place is good for a shoot as long as you can capture that moment!

  • Beyoncé Quote
  • Kanye Quote
  • Christmas Illustration
  • Hello Deer Print
  • Sweet Glam Pattern Set
  • Tribal Chic Pattern Set


Here are some illustrations and prints featured on my etsy store Paper & Doll Press.

About me:

Krista Ganelon
Hello, my name is Krista Ganelon.

I am a graphic designer based in San Diego, CA. I received my Bachelors of Science in Media Arts from Platt College - SD. I am a neat freak, dog lover, and doodle monster. I work as a designer by day and as an illustrator at night. I'm most proud of my illustrations which feature high levels of detail and a vast array of color. I've recently taken the leap into the world of self employment and look forward to the next project.

Software: Adobe Photoshop | Illustrator | inDesign | Flash | Dreamweaver | Fireworks FreeHand |After Effects

Skills: Proficient in both Mac and PC platforms | Web Design | HTML | CSS | ActionScript Digital Photography | Microsoft Office